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Penguin Cover Design Awards

Non Fiction | Diary of a Young Naturalist 

By Dara Mcanulty



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Design 1


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Design 2


Penguin Cover Design Awards

Children's Category | Murder Most Unladylike 

By Robin Stevens



Re-designing the book cover for Robin Stevens first mystery in the series Murder Most Unladylike allowed me to design a fresh and exciting new design. The brief was to design a cover and series logo that is imaginative and opens the door to reading the whole series. My main goal with both designs was to create something that could be easily adapted through colour to ensure a cohesive series of books. 


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Website Design and Content for L6Creatives



For the art and design department at Lowestoft Sixth Form I created a website where I planned content in the form of articles, artist interviews, and inspiration.


What is Art?



For some end of year events at Lowestoft Sixth Form college I was asked to create a series of poster designs for the Art and Photography department. The brief was to design a series that was colourful and fun and that could be used alongside other marketing material for department.


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I recently entered the Bloom and Wild summer bright's competition. My entry was inspired by summer woodland walks and being surrounded by wild blooms and wildlife. I made a concertina mood board that pulled out of a handcrafted wooden box with my laser cut design on. The box was the same measurements as their letterbox flowers and packaged in a similar way with a handmade gift tag.


Bloom and Wild Competition Entry